“Trevor Bass performed maintenance on my A/C.
After the maintenance was done I went out for a few hours. When I got home the unit wasn't working. I called and the dispatcher said I can get someone out tomorrow between 10-12. I said that's not acceptable. My unit was working fine before the maintenance and I have to wait until tomorrow. He said I 'll see what I can do. I waited a while and called back. I explained that I have medical issues and I need it serviced tonight. With that he said I 'll escalate the issue and see if I can get someone there tonight. He called back and said someone will be there after 9:00 pm. Trevor arrived before 9:00 and said he forgot to turn the breaker back on. He apologized and I said no problem mistakes happen. I'm just happy you're here. I just want to thank all involved for getting it up and running tonight. Bill Bowers AC & Heating is a great company and it's a pleasure doing business with you. Whenever anyone needs a new AC I always recommend your company!
Deborah B”

– Deboy B.